she dreamed of paradise

Ally. Twenty-one. San Diego <3
Skins & The O.C & Charmed & The Tudors & Friday Night Lights & Alias & The Pretender & Gilmore Girls & One Tree Hill & Girls & Borgen & The Vampire Diaries & Game Of Thrones & New Girl & The Mindy Project & Orange is The New Black & The Newsroom & Friends & Rectify = Shows you should never talk to me about if you want to eventually end the conversation.
Apart from that...I seriously believe Sirius Black is the definition of awesomeness and that he lives among us and he's just waiting for me and it's not funny anymore.
That's all you need to know about my craziness. Ask me anything sweeties I wanna know everything about you <3


Come at me bro'


Jet - Hold On.

Tags :: theme songi can't describe how much i love this